Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Steps on a Journey

I have had blogs in the past, and private journals. But this is the first time I have ever tried to blog about ART, and the first time I have ever tried to talk about a process, while being in the middle of it. And I am in the middle of it. Or the baby beginning stages of it. But, it has been going on for awhile, and now, here I am with a website, a blog, some sales venues, and it is ALL ABOUT ART.

A couple of years ago, I decided to leave my job and go back to school. I wanted to study Design. Design with a capital D. Web Design, Graphic Design, Book Design, Interior get the drift... And I was all set to do that, but there were a few barriers in the way. CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) was a big one. I think I lasted three class periods. The Interior Design instructor was another. I think I lasted two class periods. get the idea...

Eventually I was down to Graphic Design and there was no where else to as rough as it got sometimes, especially the first semester, I kept going...and taking a few classes in anthropology/archaeolgy to keep me happy. Four semesters and two summer schools later I finished the program. I am a certified graphic designer. Liscenced to Design, baby!

Previously I had taken some Art History classes, and some photography classes. But OMG this was ART and this was computer ART. What ever made me think I could be an artist? Well, quite frankly I never did. I thought I would be a book designer (a way to stay in the book business after 22 years) . I thought I would decorate a few homes on the side. I thought I might make web sites for fun and profit. But OMG they wanted me to learn about color and shape and line and texture and they wanted me to sketch and draw and render. Welcome to the wonderful world of ART!

So this is a chronicle of my journey, from this point forward, with the occasional flashback to the past. My goal is to become a self-sufficient artist in 36 months. And I am in month three.

I am excited. I am sure the journey will have some bumps in the road. But I am ready. I am willing. And, hopefully I am able!


Blogger JoTee said...

Well I am very proud to say I know you & that you will succeed in whatever you extend yourself to do. In the Art department the door is always OPEN to be & do what ever it is that makes your heart expand with joy!!! Let the joy begin & may your art ROCK!!! JoTee who is occasionaly DaisyMae in Wyoming

7:21 PM  
Blogger Asil said...

Hi there,

So happy to have met you in Artfrenzy! I too am on an Art journey and I'm at month 16/36. But it's a slow journey for me as I work full time. (baby step....but I know I'm gona get there.) I may have to extend my 36 month period but I'll see when I get there.


9:32 AM  

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