Friday, April 21, 2006

That Final Exam Feeling

I am going to have a booth at the Bisbee Earth Day Festival on Saturday. So, for weeks I have been preparing for that. And now I have about 30 hours left, and I feel just like I always did right before a final exam.

There comes a point, when you know you have done all you can do, studied all you can, taken all the notes you can take, asked the professor all the questions you can think of. And then, all you have left is time. And perhaps a little insomnia. And a few things things you want to review right before you go in to take the test.

That is what I am feeling like right now. I have been making dolls, and cards, and magnets. I have ordered and recieved merchandise from my cafe press store. Now, there really isn't time to make any more art. Most of the things I make require several coats with drying time in between. There are a couple of half done dolls that I might be able to finish. There is a new batch of crazy paper that I could make into cards. Maybe I could complete a collage or two.

But...what I really need to do, is go through my booth supplies which I haven't looked at since my last show in November. I need to print business cards. I need to figure out a way to display my dolls. I have to make sure I have enough small bills to make change. I need to find that metal thing that came with my magnetic poetry set, so I have somewhere to display my magnets.

By Saturday evening, I will have taken the exam and gotten my grade.


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