Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Betty the Bendi Doll

I recently tried a new style of doll. The Bitty Bendi Doll. The first one I made is called Betty the Bendi Doll. I have another one in the works. She and all my other dolls are available at my etsy Dolladay Shop.

Betty the Bendi Doll is a cloth doll with wire armiture, so you can pose her arms and legs. She is 6" tall and has a polymer clay face (made with a mold, with permission.)

Betty has a silver face with red lips and cheeks and black eyebrows. She has lovely long dangly black earrings and a red fuzzy scarf. Her shirt is red with black and red arms and leggings to match. Her skirt is black and white cotton, with a musical theme and black net under and over. Her belt is black ribbon with embellishments to match her earrings.

This is not a toy. Not suitable for small children. This is a piece of handcrafted art and quite fragile.

There is a hanger at the back of this doll.


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