Monday, May 22, 2006

In a Slump

A few weeks ago, I was in an artistic slump. I am sure we all have those from time to time. Self-doubt, frustration, inability to see the bigger picture.

I shared my frustration with people in a couple of the online groups I am in, and got lots of helpful advice and suggestions. Some of it I took. Some of it I didn't. But the moment passed.

One of the suggestions I got was to check out, which I am very glad I did. I am a huge fan of coaching anyway. I have worked with a life coach for several years both individually and in groups and have found that it has been tremendously helpful to me. (I am also quite a fan of the life coaching reality tv show: Starting Over.)

There are some wonderful things available on the artbizcoach site including a newsletter and the "6 Habits of Highly Successful Artists". I highly recommend it to people who are in the art biz!

One of the first things Alyson B. Stanfield (the coach) asks is:
When is the last time you . . .
Worked on a promotions or marketing plan
Updated your Web site or résumé
Followed up with patrons or your gallery
Balanced your books
Rewrote your artist statement
Added to your mailing list
Distributed a press release
Sent a thank-you note

So next time I am in a slump...I have a few other things to keep me busy! This list of questions was a good reminder that the business of art, is not just about creating art, but it is also about creating a business!

Happy Creating!


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