Thursday, September 14, 2006 I read a lot...

You may have noticed that I read a lot. I read mostly for entertainment these days, so I read a lot of mysteries and contemporary fiction. In 2003 I recorded every book I read that year and how many pages it had. I like keeping track of such things. Well, somehow I got out of the habit of doing that, and I sort of miss it.

So, I have started using something called Library Thing. I guess it is a way to catalog all the books you own, or something like that. But since what I really want is a record of what I have read, that is how I am using it. I also rate each book and record the date I start the book and the date I end the book.

I only include the books I actually read cover to cover. So if I take a book out of the library about Fashion in the Fifties, and look at the pictures and read some of the text, I do not record this in my Library Thing. Nor do I record books that I start but do not finish.

Another cool thing that you can do, is look at who else has read that book...and then at what else they have been reading. It can actually become a part time job, because once you get could just go on and on, and never have time to read anything BUT Library Thing.

If you are interested to see what I have been reading, i think you can search for me. My account name is ladyartichokeheart.


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