Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chairs of Bisbee Part 2

Well, I was pretty sure I would find some chairs for my Chairs of Bisbee project over the Labor Day Weekend. There were lots of garage sales near where I was staying, and although we scored a really cheap lawn mower and two wonderful goose down featherbeads...


So, I thought I would go back to the Thrift Shop in Bisbee where I found the first one, rather effortlessly. No luck there either. I did find my husband a wonderful 100% silk shirt and a couple of ties...


Tomorrow is another day and we are going to Sierra Vista for lunch, so I thought we could check the Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul over there.

I have decided to broaden my search. Basically I am now looking for anything that is not upholstered: wood, metal, wicker. I am going as high as $5.00.

Here's hoping that Sierra Vista is awash with wonderful non-upholstered, inexpensive chairs tomorrow!!! Just say YES TO CHAIRS!!!


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