Monday, August 07, 2006

Making ETSY a household name...

Do you remember the first time you ever heard of eBay? I do. Someone I worked with mentioned that she had gone there to look for games. This was years ago. I had no idead what eBay was. eBay has become a household word, and an enormously successful idea.

Well, if this is the first time you have heard of Etsy...remember it!

It is my desire to see Etsy become a household word. And you can help...spread the word...

"For those of you who haven't checked this out yet, there is a
fairly new website that now has an enormous selection of items --
all handcrafted (except for one catagory of supplies for us
handcrafters)... you will never have to look anywhere else for
gifts! There is everything from household to clothes to jewelry
to "geekery" (love that catagory!) and for all age brackets. I urge
you to check this out and to buy direct from these handcrafters, all
of whom -- like me -- dream of making a living from their art.

is the place -- and if you have direct online (ie non-dial-up) be
sure to check out their Time Travel and Shop By Color interactive
features -- very fun!

I think it just hasn't been found by shoppers yet, and there's still
time to get great bargains!"

The above quote by a fellow etsy shopkeeper.

I too invite you to visit the site. It is fun. There are great bargains. And, it supports artists and craftspeople. (All good stuff!)

In particular, I invite you to visit my shops.

I post a new art doll here every day.dolladay

I have blank greeting cards and magnets and art doll pins here.ladyartichokeheart

Become a patron of the Etsy!!!


Anonymous Sh. said...

I just joined etsy and think it is great place to shop for unique and beautifully crafted items in all price ranges. I create miniature needle felted dogs and bears under my new etsy shop whimsicalfriends . I hope etsy continues to grow and evolve.

9:03 PM  

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