Monday, July 17, 2006

Project Runway Is Back!!!

Okay, I am a self-confessed TV junkie. I love some reality shows (Big Brother, Survivor, Starting Over). And I am positively addicted to PROJECT RUNWAY.

I have been hooked since halfway through the first season. (I eventually caught up and saw all of Season One) I learned about it from a Graphic Design teacher who kept talking about it with another student. (We happened to be in the middle of a fashion project that I now realize was inspired by Project Runway.) I had a blast doing the fashion project and I went ga-ga for Project Runway (PR).

In the past I have been content to watch the show religiously, discuss it with a few friends, and yes, I even have evangelized a bit...

But I this season I am going to get even more wrapped up in it...I have already joined a yahoo group to discuss the show, and I see that there are several blogs dedicated to the show, including Daniel Vosovic's Blog and Tim's Take .

At any rate, I am sooooo glad Season Three has started. I love the challenges. I love the fashion. I love the personalities. If I had my life to live over again, I might well have chosen fasion design. This way I get to live a little of that, vicariously.


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