Monday, June 26, 2006


The older I get, the more trouble I have with change and with travel. I have had several trips this summer, and none of them have been vacations. So, it seems a few days before the trip, I find myself in a dither, everything needs to be done right now. Everything is late, everything is all about pressure. And then I go on the trip, and I am tired. And then I get back from the trip, and not only did no little elves come in and organize my studio and my house, but it looks like perhaps a few got in and messed things up just a little bit more.

That is the situation I find myself in today. Not only is there the chaos that I left behind, but it seems that it may have multiplied during my week away. So, now I am tired from traveling for about 11 hours yesterday (getting back to Bisbee from St. Louis), but everything appears just a little more chaotic than before I left.

It seems like this used to be easier when I was younger. Or perhaps the chaos bothered me less. Or perhaps I just bounced back faster. At any rate, I am back, I have puttered around a bit, and tried to remember what it was I was doing before I left and thought about what I might do next. Then I checked three books out of the library and took a nap.


Blogger rod said...

I'm thinking that we just need to travel more and get the hang of it again :-)

8:02 PM  

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