Monday, May 29, 2006

Healing Doll

My mom has had some serious health issues recently. So, I decided to create a healing doll for her. I don't know what she thinks of it, but it was helpful for me to do something concrete, especially after I left her in Florida and came back home to Arizona.

I made the doll of polymer clay and painted her lavendar (my mom's favorite color). I covered her with glitter because I am into glitter these days and how could something as lovely as glitter have anything but healing!

Then I used some milagros to decorate her body (arm, leg, heart and head). I topped her off with some wingnut hair, some silver paint and a purple bead necklace. She is 1.5" wide and 4" tall. There is a hanger on the back, so she can be hung on the wall. If you would like to see more of my dolls: ART DOLLS


Blogger rod said...

I didn't know the story behind this...Thanks!
('s all about story...)

6:47 PM  

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