Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I just read...

Interesting to read a "MEMOIR" in light of all the recent controversy about memoir that surrounded Oprah's recent problems with A Million Little Pieces. Originally touted as a wonderful book by Oprah, read by hundreds of thousands, suggested to be a help and a hope for addicts everywhere. Suddenly, Oprah reversed her opinion. She called James Frey on her show again to be taken to task for his "lies" and essentially publically humiliated him.

In a discussion of all of this, my friend Peggy recommended Liars' Club which is what I read most recently. She loved it. While reading it I couldn't help wondering how a girl between the ages of 4 - 9 years could have such amazing recall of the events of her life. So was she another memoirist who embellished? Isn't that the nature of memoir? Isn't the memoirist telling the story through her/his own eyes, which will never be a perfectly accurate view of what actually happened. Certainly if the Mother, Father and Sister of Mary Karr (author of Liars' Club) wrote memoirs of the same time period they would be very different stories.

It was a pretty good read of a hugely disfunctional family.


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