Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Project Runway Reprise

There are are online groups devoted to Project Runway (I personally belong to two yahoo groups). There are blogs galore, some devoted exclusively to Project Runway, some (like this one) which includes occasional (or frequent) entries about Project Runway.

I want to be surprised and entertained by each episode, but there are apparently a lot of people who want to try and figure out everything before an episode airs. They search for clues in the previews. They compare notes of randomly reported comments by the designers. (And OMG have you seen Heidi's new Victoria's Secret ads???) I find it all quite fun and quite silly. (And I DO mean SILLY in a good way!)

I have a blog that I would like to share with other Project Runway fans. When life gets too serious...or when your obsession with Project Runway becomes overpowering...check out Project RunGay

Too Funny!!! And...a good reminder not to take myself too seriously.


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