Monday, July 17, 2006

The Tabasco Boys

Recently I stayed in a hotel where the breakfast buffet was above average. There were few dining options in the area, so this turned out to be a lucky thing. I ate several breakfasts there during my stay in St.Louis, and I want to thank them (without outing myself) for the inspiration for one of my new doll styles.

They had a lovely silver platter of mini Tabasco bottles right next to the scrambled eggs. The eggs were quite delicious, and I never actually used the Tabasco on my eggs. But those little bottles were irresistable.

Here is a picture of the first of the Tabasco Boys. This one is named Henry, The Hot Sauce Guy.

The second of the Tabasco Boys is named Milton, Another Hot Sauce Guy.

I am embarassed to say how many of the Tabasco Boys can be created with the mini Tabasco bottles I still have, but they are a wonderful inspiration, and I who knows when I might be back in St.Louis.


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