Monday, July 24, 2006

New Glasses....The Better To See You With My Dear

I turned 40 in December of 1993. By February of 2004 I was sporting bi-focals. I have been wearing bi-focals since then, and even tried bi-focal contacts for a time. (Quite frankly I think the contact lens designers missed the boat on this, but that will have to wait for another blog entry!)

I have been overdue for an eye exam for a while, and noticed that I was taking the bifocals off to read, to work on the computer and to do art work. It was while working on art that I accidently knocked them off the work table, and anxious to retrieve them, I stepped back and broke them neatly in half. (Picture white adhesive tape wrapped around the nosepiece of my black Kate Spade glasses.) Luckily i didn't have any white adhesive tape and found that a bit of super glue did the trick quite nicely.

In fact it did it so nicely that although I had a visit to the eye doc on my long term list of things to do, I basically forgot about them being broken until a couple of weeks ago when they went flying off the work table again, and this time, super glue failed me.

I decided since I was taking my glasses off for art, reading and computer work...what the heck...I would try single vision again and save a boatload of money. So, after a bit of looking, I selected a pair, only to be told that I could get two pairs and it would be $6 less than one pair. Hey...I am no fool...I got two pairs!

Driving home from the eyeglass place...I realized I could see all sorts of things that I hadn't been seeing recently...things like leaves on trees...buds on various types of agave plants, the edges of porches and roofs and windows were sharp. Hues and shades of the desert that had previously gone by in a blur suddenly popped. For a couple of days everything seemed clear and new and visually exciting. And then, like the mountains I live in, and the valleys that I drive through, the colors started to seem ordinary again. The leaves and the buds were the norm.

So now, every day, I try to put on a pair of metaphorical new glasses and see everything new again. See the colors and the edges and organic shapes around me. And appreciate my ability to see them.


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