Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Favorite Part of the Process...ANTICIPATION

When I am making my polymer clay dolls, my favorite part of the process, is after I have baked the heads and bodies. (I generally bake early in the morning, as I live in Arizona, and even though they cook at 275, it still heats up the house!) After they cool, I paint them white. I start putting pieces together. Heads to bodies.

At this point I might have some ideas about what they will look like when finished, but often I don't. I look at them. I move pieces around, trying different bodies with different heads. In this case I have already glued some of the bodies and heads together.

All the fun stuff happens next. Selecting the paint or paper or fabric they will be covered with. The fibers or milagros or other embelishments that will be added. Their faces will take on personality as I select the features I want to highlight, and the paints or glitters that I will use.

But right now...for this moment...while they are just painted white...that is my favorite part...

To see some of the actual dolls that have been created go to my Doll A Day Shop on Etsy.


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