Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Affirmation and Attraction

Two themes that keep coming up in the books I am currently reading (see above) are affirmation and attraction.

As you speak, write and record your affirmations, you begin to discover incredible clarity of vision, truly focused thought and unlimited purpose unfurling to such a degree that you find your words take on a new meaning, value, and depth to such a point of sharpness that your words suddenly become sacred words of power that inspire you to love and gratitude, united with action, immediately. (12 Secrets for Manifesting your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose)

It all begins with attraction. Creative inspirations seduce us with the power of a magnet. They lure you, charm you, tempt you, and captivate your attention. Inspirations invite you into the world of creative possibility. (12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women)

By honoring a personal impulse and following where it leads, creativity is born. (12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women)

Reserve for yourself at least fifteen minutes of quiet time every day to simply listen to your thoughts. Allow your inspirations to flow into your awareness. Leave your internal censors at the door and accept whatever shows up. (12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women)

I have affirmations that I developed last fall that I read every day. But I am inspired by these books to make them more concise and to write them daily as well as read them several times a day. I have been finding that focusing on these affirmations, reading them almost every day...and sometimes several times a day...that some of them are coming to fruition or are manifesting in ways I never would have imagined. I still find myself wanting to control the whole process, which intellectually I realize is not possible, but I find that if nothing else, these affirmations are a powerful tool to focus and center myself toward the actions that I need to take to make my vision possible.


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