Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hair Cut Results

No one voted for Suze Orman. I realized that I never announced a prize. So, there won't be a prize. But I thank everyone who participated in this "just for fun" vote on my new do. My current selections, in spite of the votes are Suze Orman, and the woman with really short hair who was known as #1 left, who appears just below this paragraph.

MR said: If you are feeling really adventurous go with #1 left because it is so radical and fun, but my more realistic choice is 3 left. You go girl. I hope you will send a picture after your tranformation.
ML said: I love short hair (on almost anyone) and generally speaking the shorter the better…”1 left” is fabulous! However…coloring is an issue with short hair. It is an issue I personally have chosen to take a no-participant stance on. So of course I would like to see more of my own kind…short, naturally graying, but hip, sexy, and self assured by damn!

PR said: I vote for 2 right!

BM said: I vote for 1 left or 2 right. But, I will miss the bob!

KM said: row one right

CMS said: My vote is for the top row, 2nd one over.

JS said: Since you asked, I think 1 left and 4 right would be a bit too severe on you, but I believe all the others could fly beautifully.
KB said: That last one looks like it IS you, just a little while back... Maybe the Suzie Orman cut would attract money... I often think that dread locks are reallythe perfect solution (to everything, world peace, for example).
KB wins a special award for figuring out that 4 right is actually a picture of me, taken 25 or so years ago.

My husband also left the comment: 4 right...who is that beautiful woman? I think she's right 4 me (but he had the distinct advantage of already knowing that it was a picture of me.)


KR said: 3 Right

MN said: 3 Right

I wonder if PY, MN and KR think I am a cartoon character or if they really think this is a good look for me.


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