Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Boycotting all things Project Runway

I can't believe it...everywhere I turn, people want to tell me more about Project Runway than I want to know.

I belong to two Project Runway Yahoo groups....when I hit the first SPOILER...I stopped reading anything. So my inbox is filled with dozens and dozens of emails from Project Runway fanatics like myself. (And I have to wait a whole nother week before there is another Project Runway episode.)

I also gather from the first lines of some of these self-same posts that both the official Project Runway site is giving out too much information. I also saw something that implied that the Project Rungay Blog was at least posting links to things that had too much information. So, I have stopped checking both of those for the time being.

I will, of course eventually read ever word the Project Rungay Boys have posted, and every single comment as well, but not until I go through the natural evolution of the show.

So, in the meantime, I am pouting. And boycotting.


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