Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Why I Am an Amazon dot Com Affiliate

Some artists have tip jars or donation buttons on their blogs. (Art supplies are not cheap!) I have absolutely no problem with that, and if they get donations or tips...excellent...and if you make a donation or leave a tip you can feel the satisfaction of being a patron of the arts and that is great too.

I have chosen not to do that, but if you would like to support this artist, and you buy things from Amazon dot com anyway...you can be a patron of the arts and it won't cost you a dime.

If you go to my homepage and scroll down to the bottom you will see an Amazon search box. If you enter Amazon there, it should not affect your Amazon experience in any way, and I will get 4% of your purchase amount.

I also often report on what I have been watching or reading, and I always have an Amazon link associated with those posts. Again, you should be able to access Amazon there and you can check out that listing and then move on in Amazon dot com land...where, again, I will get 4% of your purchases.

Be a patron of the arts!!


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