Monday, November 13, 2006

Project Belly Dancer

My mission for the early part of this week is to create Belly Dancer Dolls. I know something about making dolls, but I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about Belly Dancers!

So I set forth with some of the basics. I know you have to see the belly buttons!! I also know that bra tops are pretty common. I know very little about the make-up, so I am faking that as I go along. (After all, my other dolls are not exactly realistic, and I am trying to suggest Belly Dancers, not be Belly Dancers.)

I know it is about the BLING, so I have used metalic colors like gold, silver and bronze. I have used beads that shimmer and change as they move. That has also been fun, as I usually have to subdue my urge to put glitter on everything!

I am having a blast doing them. Especially since when I get to the place where I would normally stop on one of my dolls...I just keep going and add more BLING.

I have three nearly finished (the ones shown here) and I have 6 more in the works.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These bellydancers are fabuous! I love them!!!!! These are sure to be a hit in the bellydance community!

9:44 AM  
Blogger huckleberryarts said...

Hanje what wonderful dolls I think you got the whole essence of the Belly Dancing with these

They are wonderful and thanks for sharing your blog.

Have a beautiful day

Annette g

10:02 AM  
Blogger huckleberryarts said...

Hanje I love the Belly Dancer dolls, You nailed the whole essence I think of belly dancing and the whole dolls curvature looks as if they are truley moving!

Wonderful job!
Annette g

10:03 AM  

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