Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring Cleaning

S - Sweep - Sweep up and throw away your excuses as to why you can't
or won't do something. Stop being the one who merely comments on what
is wrong and start being the one who offers solutions.

P - Polish - Polish your heart with all its unwavering and steadfast
passion and allow it to lead you to unlimited ways of creatively
expressing who you are and what you love.

R - Rinse - Rinse away all of the self-doubt that has long coated your
motivation and become willing to reacquaint yourself with a shiny,
untarnished and larger sense of self.

I - Increase - Increase your circle of influence with those who see
the glass half full - brimming with possibility and who champion you
to do the same.

N - Neaten - Neaten your environment and create a sanctuary that is
pleasing to the eye. You'll feel the difference both physically and

G - Groom - Groom your mind just as you would groom your physical
self. Everyday look into the mirror of your being and adjust your
thoughts, brush away the negativity and begin to consciously apply the
law of attraction for your good.

C - Clear - Clear out the clutter. Take out what you haven't used or
worn in the last year and donate it to a charity. By clearing out the
old, the new can finally come in.

L - Lighten - Lighten up and stop taking yourself and your situation
so seriously. If joy is our birthright, then allow that quality of
being to help lead you down the path of rediscovering sustaining

E - Empty - Empty out your bag of regrets and know that this now
moment is the beginning of creating whatever life you desire. What you
choose to focus on today colors and creates your tomorrows.

A - Arrange - Arrange your time so that you have equal parts work and
play. Understand that one isn't more important than the other. Both
play vital and necessary roles in developing an optimum lifestyle.

N - Number - Number your goals and keep them in sight, referring to
them often. When one is accomplished, replace it with another, always
raising the stakes to see just how much good you can embody.

I - Inhabit - Inhabit your days with acts of unconditional love. Make
it your intention to cherish and champion the good of others without
expecting anything in return.

N - Nail - Nail up and complete any wobbly communication and
unfinished business and if it simply isn't possible to take immediate
care of it, then create a plan to do so.

G - Gather - Gather up your friends and family and let them know how
much you appreciate them. Praise their goals, their dreams, their lives.

© 2007 Rev David Ault


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