Saturday, March 24, 2007

Notes From the Universe

I get a Note from the Universe each morning.

"The notes are to help remind us all of life's everyday magic. Generally, the Notes are emailed out early each morning so that they'll catch you before you're overwhelmed into thinking like the herd, on the days of the week you choose! These inspirational, philosophical and often humorous notes are meant to remind you of the awesome power you possess for the creative manipulation of "all things time and space" - especially your happiness!"

If you are interested in getting a Note from the Universe in your email box, just go to The Adventurers Club, select Notes From the Universe and sign up.

If you are interested in THE SECRET and LAW OF ATTRACTION you might be particularly interested in these wonderful eye-openers.

There are also other fun things at the web site, like free inspirational e cards.


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