Monday, March 12, 2007

Bad Hair Day

No, I mean this was a REALLY bad hair day. Not metaphorically.

I got a haircut on Friday and was getting ready to go out for dinner with a friend before I picked my husband up at the airport. I usually don't do much to my hair. But with the new cut, I thought I would work with it a little bit. I have this styling wand (or something) that heats up and you can use it to smooth hair, curl it under, add a little body...

I haven't used this styling wand for ages, but I plugged it in, and was trying to add a little bounce to my hair. It was going well...and then...all of a sudden...the teeth caught my hair...and I don't mean a couple of hairs...a large clump of my hair was caught and I felt individual hairs ripping out of my scalp as I tried to free myself.

I was home alone...and starting to get that panicky feeling like I had when I put my wedding ring on too soon after the birth of my baby 20 years ago. (The more I tried to get the ring off my finger, the more my finger know the story...but that time I ended up at the fire department begging them to cut off my ring.)

I couldn't go to the fire department this time...and I really didn't have any good ideas what to do about my dilemma. I unplugged the hair styling tool and tried to gently free myself, but it seemed whatever I did...only a few hairs at a time were being released and more were being ripped out permanently.

So...before I started hyperventilating, I grabbed the nearest scissors...looked in the mirror and started cutting. Totally random...hampered slightly by the fact that I was not terribly coordinated cutting while looking in the mirror. hair did not stick straight up on my was a bad hair day!!


Blogger JoTee said...

Oh dear Lady A, that whole eposode sounds unreal, my heart goes out to you for gaining control...but still it must have been pretty scary, my hubby said "stay away" from those things...I agree...I only use a hair dryer anymore for just fine...hugs Jody

7:09 PM  

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