Thursday, September 28, 2006

Can you spell L.A.M.E.?

Last night was the much anticipated Project Runway episode where they were to narrow the field to the 3 people who would compete for the grand prize.

First of all, the challenge itself was a mixed message. "Do something that represents you as a designer" "Do something we have never seen before"

hmmmmmmm....well, Laura decided to do something that represents herself as a designer. Jeffery went the opposite direction and showed them something they had never seen before. Uli and Michael were probably somewhere in the middle.

Laura's Dress was exquisite. Jeffery's was laughable. Michael's was poorly exectued, but had potential. And Uli...well...the same, yet different.

Soooooo......(and this is the really lame part).....they didn't send anyone home.

Oh, please, you don't change the rules in the middle of the game...

It certainly wasn't because all of the dresses were so absolutely brilliant that they couldn't decide. As Heidi pointed out:" Most of you seemed to have trouble with this challenge." (Well, duh! The challenge didn't make much sense. See above.)

Anyway...I look forward to seeing all the collections. And I look forward to the reunion show. But I hope PR takes a good hard look at what made the first two seasons successful and take that into consideration when they are planning and working on season 4!

Just my 2 cents on PR.

P.S. I have lots of catching up to do on Project RunGay...I had better get busy!!!


Blogger rod said...

Exactly true!...I mean, not that I really watch Project Runway...but if I did, I imagine that I would agree with your perceptions. (Jeffrey should have walked for that disaster.)

6:26 AM  

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