Wednesday, October 11, 2006


My friend Peggy asked me (way back at the beginning of September) if I was going to make any Christmas dolls. I have been mulling the idea over since then. Part of me really did want to make something special for the Holidays. But another part of me was really concerned about how I would make Holiday Dolls that would have my style.

So, mostly I didn't do anything about it. I looked halfheartedly for some holiday supplies. All I could find was Halloween decorations.

I looked for some nice holiday fabric, but nothing was really speaking to me.

I finally found exactly what I was looking for in terms of embellishments last week, and this week...i applied my creativity to the materials at hand...and low and behold, HoliDolls were born.

So far I have created Christmas Holidolls and Kwanzaa Holidolls and Solstice Holidolls. Stay tuned. I am really excited about them. They are fun and can be used as tree decorations, package embellishments, fridge magnets, and they make wonderful stocking stuffers.

To see the Holidolls you can go to my Ladyartichokeheart Etsy Shop. And to see the rest of my dolls, you can go to my DollADay Etsy Shop.


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