Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why I Live in Arizona

I moved to Arizona 13 years ago because I wanted to escape the cold and the snow and the sleet of Minnesota. So far that has been a pretty good plan. Some mornings are cold, and we have the woodstove going for a few hours as our fingers and noses thaw out.

A year and a half ago we moved to Southern Arizona, mainly for my husband's job, but also because it was a little cooler in the summer. We are at 5,200 feet above sea level here. But this morning when I woke up....this is what it looked like outside. And, yes, that is snow on a prickly pear cactus in my front yard.

And, yes, that is the pomegranate tree with snow all over it. The low and high for Minneapolis today = 30/39. The low and high for Bisbee today = 30/41. Now this is something they didn't tell me before I moved to Arizona!


Anonymous JoTee said...

wow snow in Bisbee!!!

5:37 AM  

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