Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chairs of Bisbee Finale

The Chairs of Bisbee ended on Sunday evening. The chairs were all on display, outside in a backyard and along a porch of one of the homes that was part of the Bisbee Home Tour, also going on at the same time.

Unfortunately I had blown my chance earlier in the week to photograph more of the chairs when they were on display downtown, but I still had a slim hope that I could do it at the auction. It was a bit too crowded and I was a bit too self-conscious, so no more pictures were taken by me. I promise to do better next year!

The final tally on chairs was 34, I believe, which included a few entries that were not EXACTLY chairs. I don't know the final accounting, but it seemed that every chair (or nearly so) had sold. I know there were a couple of chairs in the $300.00 range, but most sold from $5.00 - $100.00 or so.

Mine both sold for $25.00 each.

I learned a lot, had fun and thankfully didn't have to bring the chairs home, as I have not an inch of extra space for them in my little house!! There were some familiar names on the bid sheets, but the woman that bought both of mine was unfamiliar to me. But I would like to thank her!!

And, as a result of the Chairs of Bisbee, I will be joining the Bisbee Women's Club, so stayed tuned for more adventures!


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