Saturday, December 02, 2006

Virgin Islands Adventure, December 2

It took us 24 hours to get here and we have now been here for about 24 hours. The 24 hours since we got here passed a lot faster than the 24 hours of getting here!

We traveled by car, plane, bus, taxi van and ferry to get here. It was chilly when we left Bisbee. I was wearing jeans, tennis shoes, a long sleeved shirt and a lined leather jacket when we left at 4:00 in the afternoon. This morning at about 2:00 am I was sitting out on our porch in a tank top and boxers.

The differences are noticeable in other ways as well. My straight as a stick Arizona hair has turned into big, somewhat curly tropical island hair.

We are staying in a lovely little apartment away from town. We are driving a Jeep, which is almost necessary on the roads here, which are hilly and very curvy.

The rain stops and starts here, almost without notice or interest.
Probably the most disconcerting difference is the fact that cars drive on the left side of the road here, however, the cars are regular "American" style cars with the steering wheels on the left. I haven't driven yet, but as a passenger on these narrow winding roads, it is shocking every time I see a car coming toward us, with me and the passenger in the other car, being the most likely to be killed. I have vowed to attempt driving before we leave, but I am not looking forward to it!
Luckily, hurricane season officially ended a couple of days ago, so the only big stress I have is that of running into a mongoose or many mongooses (this is the correct plural of mongoose), which would totally freak me out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there Hi from the BIG Main Island of America...all looks wonderful...can't wait to see more photo's...keep on reading...hugs JoTee

6:02 PM  

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