Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Virgin Islands Adventure, December 5

Yesterday we saw a bit more of St.John. We visited the ruins of the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. This is the windmill that was used to grind the sugar cane. When the wind died they used a mill that was powered by mules and horses.

Rod is in front of the largest building at the Annaberg Plantation. It is where they turn the ground cane into sugar and the sugar into run. ALCHEMY!

We finally made it to the BEACH! This is Cinnamon Bay. The sand is like sugar and the colors of the water are amazing. There is a color that I want to take home in a bottle. (oh...I guess that would be called paint!)

I swam at Cinnamon Bay and we had lunch there, me sticking to a safe hamburger and Rod being more adventursome and trying a Jerk Chicken Sandwich.

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