Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oprah, Ted and Hanje Endorse......Obama

I have not hidden my ABBH (AnyBody But Hilary) stance throughout this long campaign. I was probably most closely aligned politically to John Edwards...but it seemed that he was never able to gain any traction...and maybe he had the white male thing working against him.

I have been intrigued by Barak Obama since the begining and I am now firmly on his bandwagon...and plan to vote for him in the primary here in Arizona on Super Duper Tuesday.

If you are having trouble deciding....I ask you to spend 4 and a half mintues watching and listening to this video and then think if there is anything Hilary has said or done that would inspire something as beautiful and brilliant as this. If not, then I really encourage you to join Oprah, Ted Kennedy and myself in supporting Barak Obama!

Click Here To View The Video.